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  25 July 2024

Cyberspace is not a foreign world.

It is created and inhabited by the same people that inhabit our own, having its own criminals and security risks.

Get your business cybersecurity ready with practical cyber for business.


What can I do for your business?

Bill Rue brings his own brand of practical cyber to get the most out of technology. Don’t let technology force you onto a path you don’t want. With experience from supporting small sole operators to some of the world’s largest multinationals, the advice will directly help you.

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How do we protect you and your business?

Practical Cyber for Business

Hacking has become a multi-billion dollar crime category, with devastating cyber-attacks impacting major corporations and small businesses alike. Cyber-criminals will attack any organisation with lax security because they present an easy target.

Cybersecurity is widely misunderstood. The perception is that hackers use sophisticated software to infiltrate computers, but the reality can be much simpler and far more alarming. Malware and viruses are constant threats, and new malware is being created every day to thwart anti-virus software. Even a simple email or phone call can give an attacker access to your company’s data systems.

From staff education to system analysis, cybersecurity is a matter of risk management. Who is in charge of cybersecurity in your organisation? When was the last time your team received cybersecurity training? Are you confident that none of your staff inadvertently click on fraudulent websites or emails? Get answers and secure your business.


How do we get the most from technology?

Technology Executive Services

Ultimately, technology is about outcomes. Successful technology leadership means setting out clearly defined goals and creating durable solutions that serve those ends efficiently.

An effective Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is always looking for the most elegant solution. Rather than starting with a technology and fitting it to a problem, the problem itself should inspire the solution.

A CTO’s role needs to pivot and adapt to the needs of an organisation. Every successful business evolves, and as it does, its technology needs have to be reevaluated. Not all companies need a Chief Technology Officer as a permanent member of staff, but every organisation needs good tech advice. That’s where the consultant CTO becomes a valuable asset; someone who can give expert guidance at the most crucial decision points.


How do you ask the right questions to get the best answers?

Board Advisory & Strategic Planning

Automation, AI and decentralisation are powerful tools that every business can employ at various levels. Strategic technology implementation doesn’t always mean big investments. But it does require foresight and a deep understanding of the way innovation is reshaping the marketplace.

Working as a hands-on project manager has shown me that people are one of the most vital elements in any tech strategy. When I’m looking at an organisation’s technology profile, I’m also seeking to understand it’s culture, from CEO to partners and customers. Implementing technology isn’t just about engineering. I design technology solutions that motivate people and encourage collaboration. My goal is for every team member and customer to understand the tech they’re using and feel empowered by it.

Some organisations do technology right, and it’s no accident; smart tech implementation comes from the top. Executives who are well informed about technology create agile, competitive companies. Working with a Strategic Tech Advisor is the best way to ensure your organisation is pointed in the right direction. The disruption economy is a decisive filter for business success. Companies that make ambitious tech choices come out as winners, but those that settle into a reactive stance are destined to be overshadowed.


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Every business needs good tech advice, but not all companies have the budget for a full-time CTO. A Technology Consultant can give you expert guidance when it’s most needed, and set you up with the knowledge you need to move forward confidently.


My first goal as a Technology consultant is to understand my client’s business. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tech solution. Technology should serve the unique demands of each individual organisation.

Problem Mapping

Good solutions are inspired by looking at challenges in context. A good technologist is always looking for the elegant, organic way to fix the problem. Too many companies are hampered by overlapping, redundant tech products that actually interfere with each other. A durable tech solution is one that achieves its goals simply and efficiently.


Managing technology is a long term project, not a haphazard, reactive process. I design strategic plans that address future challenges as well as immediate problems.


Tech implementation is fifty per cent logistical and fifty per cent cultural. With a well thought out technology plan in place, a business can start implementing solutions with confidence. The role of the technology officer is not only to set up a system but also to induct and educate the people who will be using it.


An organisation’s technology solutions are only as good as the Technology Officer managing them. Every system needs iterative adjustment to evolve with the demands of users. In my role as a Technology Consultant, I’m both an architect and a caretaker. The scope of a business shouldn’t be limited by its technology. Technology is there to create a secure, creative space for companies to grow in.

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